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Recruit an Apprentice

30th July 2018

How to Recruit an Apprentice 

Does your business want to hire an Apprentice?

Recruit an Apprentice

We at LMP Education specialise in helping businesses Recruit an Apprentice. We have over 3 years’ experience in finding the right apprentice for you, our ATA model (stands for Apprenticeship Training Agency) offers 3 flexible models from which your business can choose. 

ATA Model 1 – Host an Apprentice within your business 

ATA - recruit, employ and arrange training for apprentices on behalf of employers.

The ATA model can be used by any employer to “host” an apprentice as an alternative option to employing the apprentice directly.

We EMPLOY the apprentice, you (the employer) will HOST the apprentice. 

This is a very quick and hassle-free way to recruit an Apprentice

BENEFITS: To the Hosted ATA model are:

Hire an Apprentice service


 WORK-READY Apprentices


• SUPPORT Service 


• Multiple PAYROLLS each Month 

Through this model, we have 3 times as much contact time with an apprentice than if you were to employ them directly.

We offer additional support and ensure that you get the best service possible.

Recruit an Apprentice statistics  

The average General Office Administrator salary in the UK is £16,400 per annum (Glassdoor/Reed Salaries 2018 Annual Publication, June 2018).  Through LMP Education, you can “host” an apprentice for as little as £12,000 per annum.  That’s a saving of £4,400 in a year.  With the incentive of an excellent training programme alongside, retention and progression rates are excellent.

When you hire an apprentice with us, the ATA Model offers you a chance to give young people the opportunity of working within your business to develop themselves in many different areas. You can teach them your work ethos which towards the end of the apprenticeship will drastically benefit your business.
You have the opportunity to Recruit an Apprentice on full-time upon completion of their apprenticeship, dependent on how you believe they have performed during their time within your company. 

ATA Model 2 – Assisted Recruit an Apprentice Service - You Employ the Apprentice Directly

We have an “Assisted Recruitment Service” whereby we will post adverts in various places, including the government’s “Recruit an Apprentice” site. We will do a basic screening of applicants and then forward them to you. At this point, you would follow your own recruitment practices and let us know once you have offered the job to the successful candidate. Our “Assisted Recruitment Service” is a free service.

ATA Model 3 – Full Recruitment Service to hire an Apprentice directly

Hire an Apprentice

Using Your Apprenticeship Levy Fund 
The Apprenticeship Levy requires that all employers operating in the UK, with a pay bill over £3 million each year, to make an investment in apprenticeships.
This is 0.5% of your annual pay bill.However, since each employer will receive a £15,000 offset allowance every tax year, it is likely that most of these companies will not need to pay anything at all.For instance, a company with a payroll of £3 million would pay nil, this is because of their annual deductions of 0.5% of £3 million which works out at £15,000.

Steps you need to do to recruit an apprentice?

1. Agree to work with LMP Education. We will provide a contract.
2. Decide on your strategy and approach with apprenticeships - upskill existing staff, recruit new apprentices or a combination of both.   
It’s that easy to hire an apprentice with us! Here at LMP Education, we take pride in helping young people in developing their careers and making sure businesses have a quality Recruit an Apprentice service when hiring an apprentice.
PS: If you are interested in receiving more information on these models to hire an apprentice then please click here

Owen Hethersay

LMP Apprentice – Journalism

July 2018


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