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Lease an Apprentice!

Lease an Apprentice

Our sister company, Inspire ATA Ltd. (inspire-ata.co.uk) is a government approved Apprenticeship Training Agency which means that we have approval to employ apprentices on your behalf.  This has many benefits to you as the "host" employer. 

It's known in the trade as the "ATA Model".  Inspire ATA recruits, employs and arranges apprenticeship training. Our clients simply "host" apprentices.

The Host Organisation...

• leases the apprentice for a monthly fee.

• does not need to use the apprenticeship levy or use the “Reserve my Funding” service and have to pay the co-investment.

• has the option to hire directly at the end of the apprenticeship (for no fee).

Inspire ATA (The Employer)...

• recruits, employs & supports.

• arranges training and sources the funding for the training.

• runs the payroll (2 times per month).

• deals with Holiday management, disciplinaries, grievances, and any other employment issues.

offers a replacement service.

About Inspire ATA Ltd.

We recruit, employ and arrange training on behalf of our host clients. 

Inspire ATA is an “Apprenticeship Training Agency” that works directly with businesses and school to provide bespoke apprenticeship training and recruitment solutions.  Inspire ATA consults with clients around their future and current staffing needs and then offers to recruit and employ apprentices on behalf of the client, the host organisation. It’s a model that is highly effective and has many benefits for the host organisation, such as reduced employment liability, access to specific high-quality training providers and additional support throughout the relationship.

By working with several high-quality training providers, we can offer a wide range of courses.

We are a government approved Apprenticeship Training Agency (#SEL-104010517).

We commit to a thorough recruitment process to suit the needs of your school or business and to ensure we get the right canditates that will add value to your workplace.

What to Expect

An Inspire ATA apprentice can be an effective and affordable staffing solution as well as a rewarding decision to improve the future of a young person.

We hold our apprentices to an extremely high standard of attendance, punctuality and performance.


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  • We work in what is at times an extremely challenging environment, and our apprentice has adapted quickly and well. She is level-headed, capable and quietly confident, with a very engaging manner which has made her popular with staff and students. Intelligent, thoughtful and mature, she is keen to learn and works very productively in a small close-knit team. She has established herself at CBC in a very short space of time and I am very pleased that she is with us.

    Tony Clayton, Head of Centre, Constance Bridgeman Centre
  • I would like to thank you for making my choice of candidate so difficult today - I was just so impressed by the quality of each of them. The apprentice applicants had clearly been well briefed and prepared and had been proactive in finding out about us for themselves. Each of them interviewed very well, was balanced, intelligent, enquiring and enthusiastic. This says something about the calibre of people you are recruiting and the comprehensiveness of your initial training.

    Tony Clayton, Head of Centre, Constance Bridgeman Centre
  • All of the apprentices were so strong, it was a pleasure to interview them.

    Samina Jaffar, Deputy Head. Goodmayes Primary School, Redbridge
  • We were so impressed by the calibre of the candidates that we have decided to take all 3 Teaching Assistant apprentices instead of choosing just one.

    Karen Wood, Business Manager. Wellington Primary School, Tower Hamlets
  • I feel very welcomed and supported at both my apprenticeship and placement, I feel like part of a giant family - we all get along and I do not get treated differently from any other member of staff.

  • A rewarding moment was being able to teach cricket to SEN learners and seeing one of them hit a tennis ball with a cricket bat 6 times in a row after 30 minutes of coaching on the correct way to stand and hold the bat.

  • Our Tutor is a great asset to myself and the rest of the group. She gives us professional knowledge and examples to help us complete our coursework and to put into practice at our placement.


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